Rejected hadith

Some say that Muhammad al-Bukhari, the renowned hadith scholar sifted through over 100,000 ahadith in his time. The vast majority of these were rejected as “unreliable.” I have often wondered what gems al-Bukhari forever wiped from the annals of history. Support— Social media:  Twitter| Facebook | Instagram

The Martyrs

In an effort to build up the Muslims’ emerging fighting force in the face of an even greater opponent, the prophet, in his role as chief-motivator, had come up with some fairly rousing talking points. (Read Sahih Bukhari 4:52:72 for the original hadith.) Support— Social media:  Twitter| Facebook | Instagram

Seventh-century fashion

After the Muslims were defeated by Abu Sufyan’s forces at the Battle of Uhud, his wife Hind proceeded to mutilate the bodies of the slain Muslim soldiers. Her disdain for the Muslims was so ferocious that she cut ears, noses, lips and other parts off their bodies and made necklaces out of them, which she…

Dating in seventh-century Arabia

War often brings out the worst in people. Hind bint Utbah was the wife of Abu Sufyan—the Meccan chieftain who fought against the early rise of Islam. Hind shared Abu Sufyan’s hatred for Muslims and commissioned her slave, Wahshi ibn Sufyan, to kill Prophet Muhammad’s uncle Hamza. In return, she promised him his freedom. Wahshi…

Muhammad by Mohamed Volume Three

The third volume of the Muhammad by Mohamed series is now available—for the first time in full-color! You can find it through the Lulu bookstore, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Amazon Kindle and other retailers. I am deeply grateful for the encouragement I have received in my efforts to normalize Islamic satire and since…