Jesus versus the Church

If Jesus ever does turn up, he might appreciate the appurtenances that have been erected (ostensibly in his name)—but would certainly have some qualms over Church operations. Enjoy MoCartoons? Consider supporting my work on Patreon. Muhammad Mohamed: The Essential Book of Islamic Heresy Volume One: Now available! Advertisements


Is Donald Trump a Christian?

There has been a lot of speculation as to the contents of Donald J. Trump’s heart.  As the saying goes: “Heaven only knows!” Unfortunately, us mortals are left with mere facts and thus must limit our assessment on their basis. Consider the following Trumpine characteristics: Donald awakens at 5 AM in a gilded penthouse in…


Evangelicals finally guessed right with Donald Trump

At this point, it is not “too soon” to ask if anyone remembers Harold Camping.  Mr. Camping was a garden-variety babbling pastor from California who was of the view that the world would end in 2011.  He was of course wrong about this (as is self-evident). Author’s note I previously alluded to the so-called Mayan…