Rejected hadith

Some say that Muhammad al-Bukhari, the renowned hadith scholar sifted through over 100,000 ahadith in his time. The vast majority of these were rejected as “unreliable.” I have often wondered what gems al-Bukhari forever wiped from the annals of history. Support— Social media:  Twitter| Facebook | Instagram

The Martyrs

In an effort to build up the Muslims’ emerging fighting force in the face of an even greater opponent, the prophet, in his role as chief-motivator, had come up with some fairly rousing talking points. (Read Sahih Bukhari 4:52:72 for the original hadith.) Support— Social media:  Twitter| Facebook | Instagram

The Mother of the Believers takes a day off

In Islamic tradition there are more than a dozen accounts of Prophet Muhammad’s favorite wife Aisha cleaning his semen stains by washing or scraping them off with her figner. I won’t link or refer to these here; suffice to say a quick Google search yields impressive results. The volume of such tales in Islamic tradition…

Blasphemy laws

In any society, the more theocratic elements fuss over things they don’t want people to say, the more often those things will be said. I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s just physics. Support— Social media:  Twitter| Facebook | Instagram

To convict an unfaithful spouse of adultery in Islam, four witnesses need to have watched them shag

Islam mandates a draconian punishment for those convicted of adultery: stoning to death. This sounds terrifying, but the good news is that a conviction for adultery is more easily avoided than you might expect. This is because four witnesses are required to prosecute the libertine in question. According to a prophetic tradition brought to us…