Muhammad by Mohamed: The Essential Book of Islamic Heresy–Volume One

I am proud to announce the release of Muhammad by Mohamed: The Essential Book of Islamic Heresy—Volume One. I know I gave zero notice, but I have such limited time with which to “build a moment.” Not great for marketing, but it’s my first book—who cares? The book’s out, so please buy it and tell…


Evangelicals finally guessed right with Donald Trump

At this point, it is not “too soon” to ask if anyone remembers Harold Camping.  Mr. Camping was a garden-variety babbling pastor from California who was of the view that the world would end in 2011.  He was of course wrong about this (as is self-evident). Author’s note I previously alluded to the so-called Mayan…


Hijabis want sex too

In my college days I knew a relatively Americanized Muslim student whose parents’ plan to have her hymen checked before marrying her off forced her to resort to other methods of gratification with her boyfriend. This gross invasion of one’s private matters by their parents is just another drop in the endless stream of anecdotal evidence which leads us to a fairly obvious conclusion: where religion is involved people have (and always will) find creative ways to do as they please. I once spotted a Muslim woman with a headscarf making out with her saintly-looking bearded boyfriend in the parking lot outside the university’s library. This was no innocent love-peck given his hand was placed inexorably underneath her shirt.


Forcing hijab on a child

Whether it’s a simple trip to the grocery store or a day at the beach, Muslim women (or more accurately, women in Muslim cultures) cannot simply fall into the ease and luxury of such simple things. As you may already know, Islam requires women to dress “modestly” (which simply means that the female body should…