The Mother of the Believers takes a day off

In Islamic tradition there are more than a dozen accounts of Prophet Muhammad’s favorite wife Aisha cleaning his semen stains by washing or scraping them off with her figner. I won’t link or refer to these here; suffice to say a quick Google search yields impressive results.

The volume of such tales in Islamic tradition may seem strange for those unfamiliar with Islamic doctrine. Ahadith (recounted stories of the Prophet) are valued not necessarily for their moral or entertainment value, but rather, for the likelihood they are actually true as evidenced by their isnad (chain of transmission). As such, a heavy premium is placed on a hadith that is considered sahih (true).

The topic of wiping dried semen from robes may seem like a useless area of discussion, but a Muslim cannot perform the obligatory daily prayers if sullied by their own love-paste. A Muslim must be in a state of tahara (cleanliness) to pray, so it follows that some thought must be given to how dirty one can be and still offer prayer.

It is a strange thought to picture Aisha, Muhammad’s favorite wife who Muslims refer to as Mother of the Believers, scraping semen stains from Prophet Muhammad’s robes. I wonder what Muhammad would have done if Aisha were to have gone on vacation or been too sick for “jizz-stain-duty.” He may have cleaned these off himself or had one of his slaves take care of the job.

Mo wash clothes


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