Dating in seventh-century Arabia

War often brings out the worst in people. Hind bint Utbah was the wife of Abu Sufyan—the Meccan chieftain who fought against the early rise of Islam. Hind shared Abu Sufyan’s hatred for Muslims and commissioned her slave, Wahshi ibn Sufyan, to kill Prophet Muhammad’s uncle Hamza. In return, she promised him his freedom. Wahshi accomplished his task during the Battle of Uhud—the second exchange between the Meccans and the Muslims—and was freed. After the dust had settled, Hind marched onto the battlefield and cut off the ears and noses of fallen Muslim soldiers to make necklaces out of them. Upon finding Hamza’s body, she cut out his liver and took a bite of it. To this day, these acts of nutbaggery are what most people remember about her!



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