Things that annoy Prophet Muhammad

If you’ve come to expect lewdness, profanity, gratuitous cartoon nudity, and an eye for ridiculing one of the world’s Great Religions, then have I got a treat for you! While browsing the Ex Muslim sub-reddit, I came across a pretty glorious list of one redditor’s “top worst hadith”. You sir or ma’am inspired today’s cartoon! The hadith to which I took an artistic interest is as follows:

“Muhammad forbade a man from putting on sandals while standing”

What I enjoyed about this hadith is its uniquely Islamic flavor: it is just banal enough to flip past without a second thought, and yet anal enough to merit a small internalized outrage. The anecdote itself is relayed to us through the good work of Abu Dawood and is reminiscent of the Biblical prohibition against wearing different fabrics in its peculiar obsessive compulsiveness.

Muslim goes to Hell over shoes - resized


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