Don’t relax just yet — Trump’s latest Executive Order is just the beginning

Trump’s latest executive order shows he’s scared. He knows with certainty that an atrocity happened under (and encouraged by) his oversight. Friends, I ask you to remember history, because this can get much worse.

The small victory recently achieved over the Trump Administration can be attributed to a few things. First, the disingenuous and scripted replies to the media delivered by the usual suspects: White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders (whom I move we take to calling the Mouth of Sauron) and Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen Nielsen.

Let this reluctant admission of criminality slide or lose your outrage over the psychological torture of children and risk another humanitarian crisis. Trump’s executive order is by no means a cease-fire on his administration’s goal of violating human rights to appease what remains of his base. In the coming days, we will quickly realize that the battle for humanism is far from over.

The latest executive order should be seen in context: it comes from a scared (and likely incontinent) man under continuous investigation for tapping into the Russian “Troll Factory” and for stealing money from his fake charities’ cancer-ridden recipients. (This is by no means anything new.) Trump and his sociopath friends (the real political operators that orchestrated this mess) have a lot to worry about. His proponents, suited thugs like Stephen Miller, still lurk in the shadows. These are the real political operators the media should pay attention to and their shame should preclude them from public life.

I am not being hyperbolic: Stephen Miller is a sinister creep. You will notice he has less than 17,000 Twitter followers. Second, unlike Trump, he tweets infrequently. In fact, his last Tweet was from 2016, when he was helping our current over-lord rise to power on a wave of credulity and racism. Unlike the current occupant of the White House, Miller spends less time on Twitter and more time making life difficult for Americans.

Make no mistake: Miller is more dangerous than Donald who, like a classical inept tyrant, simply listens and acts on whichever voice is closest to his ear. Miller is less concerned with his appearance (which is already in the toilet for those that actually know him). He is a calculating sadist—hard at work destroying the moral landscape of our republic. Stay vigilant friends; although some of the families destroyed by our recent outbreak of fascist thuggery might soon be re-united, the battle for human decency is far from over.


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Special thanks to Andrew Hall who runs the Patheos blog Laughing in Disbelief!

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