Muhammad by Mohamed’s third volume: now in progress!

The response to the first two volumes of the Muhammad by Mohamed series has exceeded my expectations, given that this site is only a few years old. (My first post was June 23, 2015, and I didn’t publish the first volume of the book until 2017.) I do plan to release many more volumes bearing the Muhammad by Mohamed title. While I do not have a set release-date in mind for the third installation, I am happy to say I have begun the work.

Looking through my older work is interesting because it reminds me that I managed to produce some serious content which provided enough material for the publication of the first two volumes of Muhammad by Mohamed. Most of my newer work has been in color since that seems to get a better response from readers. Though partial to the simpler black-and-white doodles (since who am I to tell the fine people at The New Yorker they’re doing something wrong), the show must go on and the customer should always be right if I intend this to be a going concern (which I do.)

The growth of MoCartoons has mainly been organic, thanks to some dedicated fans. Andrew Hall runs the Patheos blog Laughing in Disbelief as well as The Naked Diner podcast with his partner Jack Matriko. I appeared on The Naked Diner twice. (Disclosure: I may have been somewhat inebriated for the second gig.)


I would also like to thank someone who is, for the moment, my sole Patreon supporter. Until then, I encourage you to provide this man some company! There are others I could mention including Hemant Mehta (better known as The Friendly Atheist), who enjoyed one of my pieces . I will leave the tributes there at the risk of appearing to create a list for its own sake and close by saying the ex-Muslim community has also been supportive. Until Muslims are comfortable as Christians are seeing their beloved prophet lampooned on such shows as South Park and Family Guy, I will continue to have my work cut out for me.


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Special thanks to Andrew Hall who runs the Patheos blog Laughing in Disbelief!

01 - final cover for volume 2

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