Muslim Mouse asks the tough questions

Muslim Mouse makes his second debut. The pesky rodent just can’t help himself. He has to ask the difficult questions! Homosexual behavior is basically an automatic death-sentence (if discovered) under actual Islamic law.

That being said, there is some wiggle room. A hadith (one compiled by the always wise Bukhari) tells the following tale (which I have annotated in order to save your precious reading time):

A man was unfaithful to his wife and felt guilty. He came to the prophet and confessed. Muhammad (Peace and all that) turned away, acting as though he had not heard the man. The guilty party followed Muhammad and confessed again. Again, Muhammad turned away from him. The man pursued God’s vicegerent and confessed a third time. Muhammad then asked: “What do you seek by way of this confession?”

The man replied: “I wish to be purified.”

He was then stoned to death. (Some tellings of the story say the man, upon feeling the pain of the projectiles, tried to run away. He was recaptured and stoned until dead.

This hadith tells us that Muhammad seems to have been one to (in some circumstances) respect privacy and avoid gossip while encouraging his inevitably sinful followers to at least maintain an air of religious dogmatism. Perhaps the same might apply to that most awful among all sins: sodomy! (So long as the perpetrator is in a perpetual state of apologism and self mortification and self-hatred and depression, the act might be permissible.)

And people still ask me why I’m so disgusted by religion.

mo ibrahim 2.png


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