Steve Bannon’s uncanny resemblance to Darth Vader

Steve Bannon was trending on Twitter today which seems to have been precipitated by Anthony Scaramucci’s recent statement to the New Yorker that he’s not trying to suck his own cock like Mr. Bannon was in his role as Trump’s advisor. While the assorted circus of nefarious and unstable political operatives making their way in and out of the revolving-door leading to Trump’s embarrassing administration have so far left a bad taste in my mouth, I do have to hand it to Mr. Scaramucci. His colorful reproach of Bannon combines just the right amount of vulgarity and relevance to Bannon (who everyone knows has a vibrant history of spouting off strange sexual innuendos and insults directed at those whose political views do not align “just so” with ethnic tribalism). This phenomenon in Bannon’s political agenda is probably caused by the near surety that he is completely incapable of achieving even a “wiggle” in response to his most perverted and depraved fantasies. Alas, if only he could reach!

no one loves bannon.png

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