Secular ladies and modest Muslimas

Knowing how to behave as a lady could make the difference between Heaven and Hell since, according to Islam, most of Hell’s inhabitants will be women. (See Bukhari 3241 and Muslim 2737.) According to these lofty sources, women can never truly be the intellectual or religious equals of men because, as Prophet Muhammad mentions, it takes the testimony of two women in court to equal that of one man’s and because women are unable to fill the divinely ordained prayer obligation during their menses. (There is a joke about Moses parting the read sea somewhere in here.) Be that as it may, one then must ask why God would be careless enough to create such inherent inequality between the sexes only to then turn around and punish about half of his own creation.

Until this point is satisfactorily addressed (and it never will because Muslims have had over 1,400 years in which to engage in the highest and most laughable forms of mental gymnastics) I simply can’t hear any more of this nonsense about how Islam, or any religion for that matter, treats women with anything less than general contempt and fear and disgust for their monthly visitations.


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