My Anxious Brain After 10 P.M.

I had a really hard time sleeping yesterday. Anxiety is a bitch. Here’s my brain after 10 PM:

  1. Allow me to present you a list of people who probably want you dead because of your political views.
  2. That Sinatra song you like? What if I play that 14,000 times while you’re trying to sleep?
  3. We’re dangerously close to a fascist putsch, but our president makes mild notions at conciliation, so we’ll probably escape labor camp.
  4. Why can’t I hold a thought for more than 30 seconds? Is the thought bad? I might have already taken that thought to its logical extreme. If so, why have I not come up with entirely novel thoughts? Am I just incapable of creating new ideas at this point? Are there no more new ideas worth thinking about?
  5. Has overt-liberalism made me too focused on thinking about things that don’t matter? Are my monetary desires too capitalistic as to make my existence incongruous?
  6. (Of course) lots of weird sexual thoughts, etc.
  7. Am I losing my limited intellect? Is my mind melting? Will I gain more knowledge as I get older, but lose the ability to recollect it?
  8. When do I need to stop abusing drugs to ensure that I can die somewhat peacefully?


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