Trump on TV: now the leading cause of high blood-pressure

While I am accustomed to being skeptical of what I hear from the media and from public officials (whose interests are as far away and varied from ours as the sun is from a hole-in-the-ground), I must say that the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency and his near-endless stream of lies, half-truths and hyperbole have been quite trying on my analytical mind.

The non-stop stream of what George Carlin would angrily call “bullshit” has worn me down and I daresay that I miss the days where one could just take some things at face-value” and not be too far off from reality.  I’m not saying the previous administration (or any other) was perfect, but I predict a long and bumpy road ahead.  From the administration of George W. Bush, I still remember disgusting and shame-faced euphemisms such as Dick Cheney referring to the torture of prisoners of war as “enhanced interrogation,” and wantonly obscure platitudes such as Donald Rumsfeld’s “the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence” (used as a flimsy pretense to invade Iraq).  These travesties on human intelligence resonate strongly with today’s trending hashtag: Alternative Fact.  To be fair, the Obama administration was caught red-handed carrying out mass-surveillance of civilians, as well as using empty euphemisms of its own such as describing its continuation of Bush’s wars as employing a “kinetic military strategy”

In today’s world we have a great deal exposure to bullshit which allows most of us to spot it without too much difficulty.  Here’s all I’m trying to say: watching our new our new president on TV is giving me cancer.

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