Omar grieves after the death of Muhammad

When Prophet Muhammad died, the future caliph and his close friend, Omar, apparently did not take the news well.  In his grief, Omar is said to have pulled out his sword and challenged anyone who “wishes to make his wife a widow” to repeat the lie.  The older and more level-headed Abu Bakr is said to have defused the tension by proclaiming the following (which has since been canonized into the traditional Islamic account):

“Whosoever worshiped Muhammad, know that he is dead. But whosoever worships Allah, know that he is alive and ever-living.”

Hearing this, Omar came to his senses and began sobbing.  These are the stories millions of Muslims are taught when they are young.

If you ask me why I draw Muhammad and his companions, I will tell you there are many reasons.  However, one in particular occurred to me today: since I was forced to learn all  these  useless stories as a child, I may as well share them with everyone else.

the death of muhammad with caps.png

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