Clinton threw the election in exchange for sexual favors from Trump

Years of bottling up how upset she truly was over the “Lewinsky debacle” (and who knows what else) finally culminated in Hillary Clinton making a very strange deal with Donald Trump.  By the deal’s terms, Hillary would “throw the election” in exchange for “certain favors.”

If I am to conjecture wildly, I would say that Clinton, deciding to “hedge her bets”, made this deal with Donald to ensure that if she didn’t win the White House (and a team of weak-willed and submissive interns) she would at least have one way to get back at Bill.

I actually drew this cartoon some time back and just added a timely caption here.  My favorite response to this comic came from Twitter:

“I saw this and thought ‘is there anything I won’t masturbate to?'”


a deal - Copy.png

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