A Venn diagram of the “Big Three” monotheisms

Sometimes an infographic is the best way to grasp a point.

Atheism is not religion venn diagram..png


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5 thoughts on “A Venn diagram of the “Big Three” monotheisms

  1. Good idea. Kinda hard to read, though.

    You seem like you’re trying to slam Jews the same as the Christians and Muslims based on the actual drawing, but Jews calling others ‘Opportunistic Innovators’ is a very odd phrase since innovate is a positive term and taking an advantage of an opportunity can be good, neutral or bad.

    And if you really want to be fair, you’d make the circles represent population size and levels of violence being caused. Perhaps Medium red for Muslims, faded Red for Christians, and nearly white for Jews.
    Remember, Christians are ~31% of Earth. Muslims are ~24% and Jews are ~.2% It’s just not even close to equal at all.
    The Jewish circle would be impossible to read if you accurately shrunk it, but if you only showed part of the two giant circles, that would fix it (like you zoomed in on the picture).
    Since Venn Dia. memes are already super overused, this would make your look more original, too.

    Currently it’s extreme Muslims that are so actively trying to explode, ‘honor kill’, martyr themselves and dream of conquering the world in the most horribly violent ways imaginable.
    You could show that the Christians are also killing, yet are not largely the antagonists -unless you spotlight corporate global abuses. If peace broke out in the Middle East, ‘Christian’ nations would stop fighting immediately and turn all their focus back to business interests and global trade.

    And again… there are some extreme radical Jews, but are largely peaceful -other than the endlessly complicated and debatable border mess in Israel.


    • Wow, you forgot to mention that ALL of these very mean ugly religions are based entirely upon narrative fiction that “got away” from the original authors, “The Jews”—-who by the historical record established by their own ‘narrative fiction’ were bloody violent intruders when they were “expelled” by the Romans for breaking their treaties (always in the name of their Lord of course) and NOW are nothing but “international social parasites”; who live off of BILLIONS of dollars “donated” by Christians (mostly in the USA). Those Christians are waiting for THEIR fictional character “Jesus” ( a cosmic Jewish Rabi/Carpenter Zombie) to “return” (any day now) and take them, “the believers” to heaven with him where they will live forever and ever—-in mansions, in tremendously lavish accommodations with “robes and crowns with jewels” —-while all of those who DID NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS (including the Jews) will “burn in hell” for eternity………………….all of which is so absolutely absurd as to be moronic.
      And ALL of this came from the deity invented by the “chosen ones” who claim status as a race but without distinctive DNA—-are a “nation of delusionary fools”………………..who cannot hope to remain intact much longer than the Christians or the Muslims who need them to establish credibility of their own “deity verity”….
      But then these “big three” are outnumbered by the Hindus who have one of their ‘deities’ that possess the head of an Elephant because his father was a short tempered sex addict………….
      Humanity will be remembered for its inventions; but it will be remembered in the MOST NEGATIVE TERMS FOR ITS INVENTIONS OF THE MOST RIDICULOUS DEITIES IMAGINABLE………….and not a single one of them based on any rational concepts, and all of them mean, vindictive, jealous, and especially vain; exhibiting all of the same traits of their “human inventors”…………………….

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  2. I’m a Jew, and we don’t consider Muslims and Christians “dirty”. On the contrary, “dirty” has been used to describe us Jews for millennia.

    We consider Christians misguided followers of a false prophet and a failed Messiah (like several others before and since), and in the case of those who take the Trinity literally, polytheists. The others, including the Muslims, we consider “Children of Noah” (“Noahide”) if they are monotheistic, establish just courts, and follow five other basic ethical rules, and they have a place in the World to Come alongside us.

    Islam is strictly monotheistic, but since Mohamed is represented as a prophet, we must part ways with them and can’t follow his teachings. However, as a leader of non-Jews he is quite acceptable. No accident that; he and his early followers were very familiar with the laws of Judaism regarding Noahide law and made sure Islam was in line with the rules for a Noahide religion. Again, a righteous Muslim has a place in the World to Come alongside us.

    The Jews have a special responsibility, for which we were “chosen,” but which we freely accepted. Our obligation is to be priests of God and teachers of monotheism and a specific morality to Humankind. Our success has been undeniable: in partnership with Christianity and Islam, monotheism has replaced idolatry all over the world. But on the other hand, it’s also a great burden. We recognize that this is a thankless task and you can judge us by our enemies. When we fail to live up to our obligations to Humankind and to God, our opponents gain the upper hand and we are punished severely, as foretold in our sacred texts (exile, ridicule, and oppression.) So when Christians or Muslims are ascendant and persecute us, it’s preordained and the responsibility for it lies with us. However, when they delight in doing so, it’s a grievous sin upon them, and like other oppressors before them, their accumulated sins will eventually call down God’s wrath and they will be punished severely, if not destroyed outright. Look at history: nations that have accepted Jews have prospered, and when they turned on us, they were diminished in power or reduced to insignificance.

    Judaism: Often imitated, never duplicated.


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