Prophet Muhammad gets drunk

Even the most religious person I know has had a few drinks on at least one occasion.  People like the well-known Islamic fundamentalist Anjem Choudary was at one point a celebrated “bro” who was known to guzzle cheap beer with the rest of the rabble.  Similarly, even Omar, the second caliph of Islam and close companion of the prophet was known to be a bit of a drinker prior to becoming a Muslim.

This all begs the question: what might Muhammad have been like after a soothing scotch and soda?  Perhaps a bit sauced, he may have been inclined to an honest analysis of his revelations (or, at least, a bit of healthy self-doubt).  The truth is not far off when friends drink together.

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7 thoughts on “Prophet Muhammad gets drunk

  1. Muhammad made it all up.
    Thats it.
    Muhammad had obvious self centered objectives. The entire religion is designed to gratify man’s selfish desires.
    Paul had it all BEFORE he encountered Christ and gave it all up including his life after he encountered Christ.
    The same is true for the other apostles. I didn’t also her sacrifice and die for a lie.


    • OK I figure this is awfully late as a response, but that doesn’t really work as a refutation of the allegation that Paul made it all up. “He lied, so clearly the other one didn’t.”, you can see yourself how that is unconvincing and doesn’t logically follow.

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