Friday Prayer for the wrong reasons

I used to love going to the mosque for the “spiritual high” and the feeling that I was comfortably in the bosom of my creator. The mosque is interesting in that it is one of the few places in which segregation is totally overlooked in the modern world.

As one would expect, the “women’s prayer hall” is never quite as comfortable or well-equipped as the main prayer hall reserved for men. This is conceivably done so that worshippers’ connection to the Almighty is not tarnished by the more immediate enjoyment of undressing an attractive member of the opposite sex with one’s eyes.

However, if we as civilized people in the year 2016 acknowledge the existence of the homosexual, segregating the sexes does not exactly snuff-out this problem. It is upon this realization that I, in retrospect, cannot help but wonder if there are those who attend the Friday prayer for “the wrong reasons.”

My favorite thing about mosque.png


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One thought on “Friday Prayer for the wrong reasons

  1. If we, as civilized people in the year 2016, contine to tolerate the harmful, divisive, ignorant, retarded, and blatantly wrong ideaologies of the abrahamic faiths, we are complicit in their destructive path.


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