The Prophet sells software

Mo sales with cap.JPG

Growing up, people would ask me if during the Ramadan fast, I could at least have a drink of water.  To this I would I would reply in the negative.  The Ramadan fast precludes the luckless observer from both food and drink.

It is a curious thing that so many non-Muslims do not know this given how large of a following Islam has.  I can attest that those not familiar with the Islamic faith often express genuine shock when they are given the low-down.  Their genuine surprise (and quite often, concern) is a good sign that the Islamic ban on drinking water while fasting is, for all-intents-and-purposes, a bad idea.

This got me thinking how hard a sell this must have been for the prophet Muhammad and left me feeling a bit awe-struck at his ability to sell such an idea in the heart of Arabia and under the loving glow of its scorching sun.


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