Hipster Omar

It has been awhile since I drew a cartoon featuring the prophet himself.  This is  because my attention has been mired in the current political landscape which is (to society’s great detriment) a too entertaining to not take advantage of as the moment seems to require.  Now strap in as I bring you the latest from the seventh-century.

According to Islamic tradition, Abu Sufyan was the chief of the Qurayshi tribe and the mastermind behind much of the persecution and wars against early Muslims.  His wife Hind is well-known for the odious act of eating the liver of Hamza, Muhammad’s uncle, after he was killed in the battle of Uhud (the second battle which Muslims fought against the pagan Meccans).

When it eventually became obvious that the Meccans would no longer be able to fend off Muhammad and his followers, both Abu Sufyan and Hind converted to Islam.  Some Muslims view the couple’s late conversion to Islam as evidence for lack of “good-faith.”

I JOINED Hipster Omar.png

Omar, a well-known companion of the prophet was the opposite.  Though he initially partook in the maltreatment of Muslims, he converted to Islam quite early on and, according to Muslim tradition, was deeply repentant for ever having been an enemy of Islam.  He spent the rest of his life making up for lost time, eventually becoming the first second caliph of Islam.  A strong and brazen man, Omar brought the Muslims much-needed respect and legitimacy among the Arabs.  (Though not necessarily a haughty man, he must have felt some sense of accomplishment for having accepted Islam long before the powerful and respected Abu Sufyan!)

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