Aisha: Muhammad’s favorite wife

An excerpt, taken right out of my upcoming book Muhammad by Mohamed: The Essential Book of Heresy. 

Hardline Muslims see Aisha’s young age at betrothal to the prophet as a credit to her character rather than a mark against his.  Today, however, this marriage is often seen for what it was: the pedophilic lust of a man in his fifties.

Aisha is referred to by Sunni Muslims as Umm ul-Mu’mineen (Mother of the Believers) and sometimes as Sitna Aisha (Our Grandmother Aisha)The reason behind such honorifics is to give the impression of maturity in the young Aisha—bathing her in the wholesome light of one’s beloved grandmother, while masking the underlying reality that she was a mere child when married off to the prophet.  Such weighty titles are nothing more than a feeble attempt by the faithful at sidestepping the disturbing reality of Aisha’s age while simultaneously giving praise to one of the relatively few female figures in Islamic history.

To be fair, betrothal to children was commonplace in those days (and was by no means the exclusive domain of Muslims).  Even today, violating the young can almost be called a time-honored tradition of the Catholic Church.  This of course does not excuse commoditizing female children, but it is an important fact to keep in mind (lest one religious cult thinks it appropriate to praise itself unduly).

Besides being morally reprehensible, normalizing “child-marriage” potentially opens up a whole new line of defense for Christian priests (and various other non-accredited molesters).  One need not look further than Iran where the age of consent seems to be firmly pressed under a metaphorical boulder filled with the collective pent-up ejaculate of the sexually repressed believers.


2 thoughts on “Aisha: Muhammad’s favorite wife

  1. Finding out about this is one of the major reasons I started to question and then left the religion-drifted away and started looking for something better. The tacit approval in the community of this kind of abuse is…a cultural death which means that I cannot reconcile with it.

    This is a tragically sad cartoon but then sometimes the most incisive satire is like that.

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  2. I’f Muhammad is a real “Prophet” than you don’t have to justify him by comparing him with the Catholic priest, because Christians don’t worship priest but Jesus ! So christian did not know it a evil men choose to become a priest, and that’s why they got punished for the crime they did. But you Muslims who live in denial and still worship a child molester thats a big problem. You cant say all cops are bad because some of them are corrupted, lets see Jesus life vs, Muhammad life who lievd a holy life !


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