Perceptions: How the World Views Muslims

People have many different perceptions of Muslims, but I find the most humorous ones to be those that come from within the community rather than those that come from outside.

The real “gag” to be found in mocking any religion (Islam or otherwise) is by comparing how it views itself with how others view it.

That said, I would like to add that the third frame is fairly reminiscent of my childhood (and I suspect that of many other young Muslims).  The message is fairly clear: who would want a snot-nosed brat telling them how to pray to their god?  Especially some introspective young twerp who just listened to Surat Al-Mulk on Youtube.

But this is the to-be-expected and cringe-worthy behavior of adolescence (which some people never grow out of).  We in the apostate community (the good guys) call those people: practicing religionists.


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