Alternative creationist theory: Poseidon as the “First Mover”

Driven wild by lust, the sort which might only be tasted by those who have sat in the company of the Olympian gods—masters of lubricity (as they are of all things)—an oft-tormented Poseidon saw fit to thrust his monstrous member into a volcanic crevice at the bottom of the sea whence he proceeded to thrust…


Competing Islamic philosophies

Recognizing that there are more and less liberal schools of thought within Islam, I still feel as though we are entitled to chuckle at the openly hypocritical every now and then. Enjoy MoCartoons? Consider supporting my work on Patreon. Muhammad Mohamed: The Essential Book of Islamic Heresy Volume One: Now available!

The Iconic “Burqah Selfie”

Do you not at some point ask yourself what you’re doing?  I don’t like bashing Muslim women because they’re so oppressed that it borders on the comical, but come on! I don’t care what Linda Sarsour or her friend Gloria Steinem says; this is not “humility” and nor is it normal. Enjoy MoCartoons? Consider supporting…